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The business objective from Pfizer was crystal clear: announce to the veterinary world that Rimadyl, previously only available in tablet form, would be available as an injectable, the first — and only — injectable NSAID on the market. We answered by literally demonstrating the action of “Inject Confidence.” Clean, bold, and straight to the point (pun intended). Consumer work on the brand included a lighted display that hung in clinic exam rooms to educate pet owners on the “Silent Points of Pain” that can often affect their best friend. Our work on Rimadyl led to Vanguard and Felocell, two animal vaccines looking to own “performance.” Drawing a parallel between the vaccines and the world’s fastest land animal, which also perfectly leveraged the brands’ colors of yellow and black, we delivered an unexpected solution that accomplished the client’s goal in spades. After all, it’s not every day you see a cheetah in a vet publication, or clinic, for that matter.

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