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What began as an ideation session became a year-long appointment with RiskAnalytics. Discovering an uncanny parallel between management’s approach to cybersecurity and Sun Tsu’s “The Art of War,” we paid homage with “The Art of Security,” based around RiskAnalytics’ groundbreaking technologies. With this philosophy in place, and with the idea of visualizing a cyber attack being stopped in its tracks, we designed the logo with a custom ligature (RA) incorporating bad data — covertly spelling out “The Art of Security” in Morse code — being blocked by the solid wall of the locked-up RA. “The Art of Security” gave us the freedom to show artistic depictions of deception, trickery, and attacks — real or imagined — throughout time. Finally, we were tasked with bringing the brand to life in a new 24,000 square foot corporate headquarters. Working with Clockwork, we did everything from carpet and interior design (using logo elements and brand colors) to selecting furniture and supervising the actual construction of the space.

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